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Product Range

Increasingly complex cabling requirements in confined spaces like electric panels, machinery equipment’s and appliances have led to the demand for more versatile solutions
Our range of rugged wires and cables are designed for applications ranging from house wiring to industrial installations. With leak-proof capabilities it can easily tackle these issues with no stress, thereby ensuring that every nook and corner gets the power it needs. The standards adopted are considering the geographical/ climatical conditions and general applications of power for utilities, distribution and generation purposes.

Confidence grows through safety

Building & House wiring

This category includes all the wires necessary for residential, commercial and public infrastructures
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Single core Industrial Flexible wires

This category includes all the wires These are flexible single-core cables designed for internal wiring
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LV Control Cables

These cables are designed for a wide range of industrial process automation applications, including signal transmission,
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LT power Cables

These cables offer a comprehensive range of robust and hard-wearing Low Voltage Single or multicore armoured
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Instrumentation Cables

The instrumentation cables are suitable for a wider range of applications across industries where manufacturing
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Fire Survival Cables (FS)

Our fire Survival cables are specifically designed for augmented fire resistance in applications including the delivery of power
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